We are frontline hospital workers calling on HCA to put patients and workers first.

HCA Healthcare is the largest for-profit healthcare system in the country — and the most profitable. In 2022, HCA earned more than $60.2 billion in revenue and nearly $5.6 billion in profits.

HCA should not be allowed to shift profits out of our hospitals and into the pockets of corporate insiders and its largest shareholders — at the expense of patients and frontline workers.

$12.6 billion

in profits for 2021 & 2022

11 million

patients data stolen


lower staffing than national average

$65.7 million

CEO Sam Hazen - total compensation 2020-2022

What’s Happening at HCA Hospitals?

Patient Care Crisis

A new report reveals that HCA’s systemic low staffing – far below industry averages – is contributing to a patient care crisis inside HCA hospitals.

Hospice Tansfers

Inappropriately transferring patients to hospice could be reducing reported mortality rates at HCA hospitals nationwide to boost bonuses and profits.

Alleged Medicare Fraud

It’s time we hold the nation’s largest for-profit hospital chain accountable for questionable corporate behavior that puts profits over quality patient care and safe working conditions.

Violations at your HCA Hospital

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