We are frontline workers from California, 
Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada and Texas
fighting for safer staffing and quality patient care
at HCA hospitals.


Crisis-Level Staffing

Staffing levels at HCA hospitals are 30% lower than the national average, contributing to worker burnout and patient care failures. 80% of surveyed HCA workers reported witnessing short-staffing jeopardizing patient care

Poverty Wages

HCA workers earn as little as $12.50 an hour risking their lives on the frontline while HCA executives at the top rake in millions. In 2020, HCA’s CEO Sam Hazen earned $30 million 
– 556 times more than 
the average HCA worker

Possible Medicare Fraud

HCA may have netted
$1.8 billion in fraudulent Medicare payments in just five years by over admitting Medicare patients into their emergency rooms for unnecessary medical care

Questionable Hospice Transfers

HCA may be pressuring doctors to transfer patients into hospice prematurely to boost profits and executive compensation. Transfers 
to hospice care from HCA’s facilities jumped more 
than 50% between 2017 and 2021.